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Female~ A Long-Expected Costume Pageant ~

Welcome to the Long-Expected Costume Pageant! After dinner on Friday evening, we would love to have people 'Show their Stuff'! This is not a competition, there will be no judging, just an opportunity to show, have your efforts appreciated, and see the neat things others are wearing.

The Pageant is scheduled for 7 pm, please gather about 15 minutes before and bring this paper with you!!!! Short presentations are fine if you have one (but don't expect a mic), or if you've never done this before: when it's your turn, please walk slowly across the stage area, stop in the middle and turn in a slow circle, so the audience can fully appreciate you, and then when the MC is finished, walk carefully out of the stage area (no sprained ankles or run-over MC's please!). Remember, someone will be reading your introduction, and if you've already run off....

Please take the time to fill out the from below so that we might have some information on you.

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful costumes!


For tips on costumes, visit here:

LotR Costumes