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There are a great many roles we need to fill for this event. Below are some of the Hobbits and other folk known to have attended the birthday party. Look around and see if one suits you. We are particularly interested in filling the roles of Lotho & Lobelia Sackville-Baggins and Odo Proudfoot. If you wish, come as a hobbit we have not had the pleasure of meeting yet.

HobbitsYes, yes, of course we will need hobbits ~ as many as we can get, especially for the Birthday Party, and we will need heads of every family so that they can cheer if they are mentioned in a certain speech, but remember, you don't have to be a hobbit the entire event. See more below...


Angelica Baggins

Dora Baggins

Dudo Baggins

Gilly Baggins

Ponto Baggins

Porto Baggins

Daisy Boffin

Folco Boffin

Griffo Boffin

Tosto Boffin

Vigo Boffin

Fatty Bolger

Filibert Bolger

Heribald Bolger

Nora Bolger

Odovacar Bolger

Poppy Bolger

Prisca Bolger

Wilimar Bolger

Rosamunda Bolger

Bruno Bracegirdle

Hugo Bracegirdle

Berilac Brandybuck

Celandine Brandybuck

Dinodas Brandybuck

Doderic Brandybuck

Esmeralda Brandybuck

Estella Brandybuck

Hilda Brandybuck

Ilberic Brandybuck

Marmadas Brandybuck

Melilot Brandybuck

Mentha Brandybuck

Merimac Brandybuck

Merimas Brandybuck

Merry Brandybuck

Rory Brandybuck

Saradas Brandybuck

Saradoc Brandybuck

Seredic Brandybuck

Asphodel Burrows

Milo Burrows

Moro Burrows

Mosco Burrows

Myrtle Burrows

Peony Burrows

Rufus Burrows

Odo Proudfoot

Olo Proudfoot

Sancho Proudfoot

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins

Lotho Sackville-Baggins

Otho Sackville-Baggins

Adelard Took

Eglantine Took

Everard Took

Ferdibrand Took

Ferdinand Took

Ferumbras Took III

Paladin Took II

Pearl Took

Pervinca Took

Pimpernel Took

Pippin Took

Reginard Took

We also have need of other folk as well. See below: A Clue!

ElvesIt is not unreasonable to think that there might have been some Elves about, for Bilbo and Frodo visited them often, and they were seen in the woods and on the borders of the Shire. An Elf outfit would be most appropriate for the Hall of Fire event as well.

Dwarves In the book (and not in the movie), there were a great many dwarves at the party, before the party and after the party. Bilbo himself left with a band of dwarves after he (finally, but of his own accord) let go of the One Ring, and dwarves were seen on the roads of the shire from time to time as well.

MenIt is mentioned that there are woodsmen (and women, of course) that inhabit the surrounding countryside, and not far off is the village of Bree and Archet in which men dwell. Hobbits all knew of the 'big people', and Tolkien notes how hobbits could hide well from this blundering and loud race.

Rangers Few hobbits knew of the protection the Rangers provided for them. Much like the movie and books, if you come as a ranger, your may be called upon to keep the peace at the event, and watch after the unwary, for the dark lord has heard at last of the Shire, and he even has a name to think about...

Wizards Although there were technically only five wizards in Middle-Earth at the time of the party, perhaps they trained others in their craft., and who is to know that Saruman, Radagast, or the blue wizards Alatar or Pallando might drop by for a chat or a bit of pipe-weed.

Other races Of course, there are many other races populating Middle-Earth ~ some good and some under the sway of the dark lord. And there are those who serve no master at all, but this by no means they are to be trusted while other beings may provide help when unlooked for.

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