Expert Treasure Hunter

How did you know I was here ? Fancy yourself a treasure hunter, eh? Well, we'll see.

My name's Wilimar, and I'm an 'expert treasure hunter'. I've been huntin' treasure around the Shire for longer than you need to know. Yes, I know all about Bilbo Baggins. Thinks he's the best treasure hunter in these parts, he does. We'll I'll show 'em, I'll show 'em all!

You see, I got me a secret - I ain't gonna tell ya where I got it at, mind, but maybe you can help me, seein' that you found your way here and all. It's a mark, and wherever you find it it gives you a clue, if you can find it, that is.

Them clues always come in riddles, and I figured some out and they lead me to where the treasure is, but I can't find the rest. I believe there are six more treasures hidden about the Shire. I think I need to know magic to find 'em, cause when I find one I have to go find Gandalf to get it and he always says "You'll get your treasure at Bilbo's Birthday Party. Now run along." Mysterious, them wizards.

Anyway, the sign looks like this:

The Sign

You find that an' you'll find treasure, if you're clever enough. I'll show ya I'm serious by givin' you a riddle I found out a while back and can't make heard 'er tails out of it! See what you make of it:

A Riddle!

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